20 DEC 2021

Buying compost online

Afew years ago, the thought of buying compost online wouldn’t have entered most people’s heads. And that’s hardly surprising. Traditional compost is heavy which means you pay costly delivery charges. It’s messy too, should its plastic bag get ripped and the compost spill out, which often happens. Thanks to For Peat’s Sake, our peat-free eco-coir compost, the situation today couldn’t be more different. First, our compost is ridiculously light. The 11-litre block weighs a measly 600 grams. (The equivalent in traditional compost would be a whopping 3kgs.) And if you think 600 grams is light, our 3-litre ‘One-Pot Wonder’ block is a true featherweight, tipping the scales at only 140 grams. It fits neatly in the pocket of your average Barbour jacket or popped into a designer tote bag. 

As well as being light, our coir compost blocks are clean too. Although some people consider getting their hands dirty as part and parcel of gardening, for us it’s a fate you no longer need to suffer. Our coir blocks leave behind no more than a little dust. So, if you’ve ordered For Peat’s Sake to do some indoor planting, you can be sure both your hands and your home will still be pristine after you’ve finished planting. No messy soil tramped into the carpet.

As for storage, you no longer have to trek to the garden shed to retrieve your compost or wonder whether it will take up precious room next to the vacuum cleaner in your apartment cupboard. For all those for whom space is at a premium, we designed For Peat’s Sake with you in mind. Our cute blocks look great on the mantelpiece or shelf or lined up in a row in a drawer. They pretty much fit anywhere.

Being able to buy compost online has other advantages too. As you can see, keeping a few blocks in your house or flat is really easy, so you’re much more likely to refresh your plants by repotting them in timely fashion. Repotting is also therapeutic for you by keeping you actively involved with nature and bringing you all the benefits of being surrounded by beautiful, healthy plants. And what’s good for you is good for your friends and family too. Surprise a loved one by sending them some For Peat’s Sake blocks. They’re the perfect gift at any time of the year.