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why you should use professional-grade coir compost

The use of coir compost is a very welcome development in the horticultural world, especially as amateur gardeners and houseplant lovers nationwide are cottoning on to its benefits. By ditching peat-based compost for an eco-friendly coir alternative, growers are helping protect our planet from the release of carbon into the atmosphere that occurs when we dig up peat bogs. Not all coir composts, however, are created equal. At the top of the league is the coir compost that’s the choice of commercial growers worldwide. We call it ‘professional-grade’ and it’s what each For Peat’s Sake block is made from. It has earned its premium position for two key reasons. First, when coir fibres are removed from the husks of coconuts to make...

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the benefits of indoor plants

Who doesn’t want a home full of houseplants? Indoor gardening, as it’s become popularly known, is a lifestyle choice for many, especially those urban apartment dwellers who don’t have access to their own garden. Walk into a room filled with greenery and you invariably feel your mood lifted. No wonder. Studies show that there are compelling scientific reasons why being surrounded by beautiful plants is good for your health and well-being. The Royal Horticultural Society lists a range of both psychological and physical health benefits of growing indoor plants. Let’s start with the psychological. Seasoned house plant aficionados will be nodding when we mention improved mood and reduced stress. Apart from the immediate visual appeal of being surrounded by pots...

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