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what is peat?

Peat is one of the world’s most valuable natural resources. Not in immediate monetary terms like oil but if you consider the future of our planet, peat is priceless. And peat’s value, unlike oil, relies on humans leaving it where it is – in the bogs where it was formed. Its role as a carbon store is what makes it so crucial to our future. The world’s peat bogs hold more carbon than the forests of Britain, Germany and France combined. Peat has several other benefits vital to nature. Many scarce species of flora and fauna live in peatlands without which they would not survive. This is a direct result of peat’s ability to retain water, holding up to 20...

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Buying compost online

A few years ago, the thought of buying compost online wouldn’t have entered most people’s heads. And that’s hardly surprising. Traditional compost is heavy which means you pay costly delivery charges. It’s messy too, should its plastic bag get ripped and the compost spill out, which often happens. Thanks to For Peat’s Sake, our peat-free eco-coir compost, the situation today couldn’t be more different. First, our compost is ridiculously light. The 11-litre block weighs a measly 600 grams. (The equivalent in traditional compost would be a whopping 3kgs.) And if you think 600 grams is light, our 3-litre ‘One-Pot Wonder’ block is a true featherweight, tipping the scales at only 140 grams. It fits neatly in the pocket of your average...

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