05 OCT 2022

why feed your houseplants

Houseplants, like every other living thing in your home, need feeding. Left to their own devices, they will turn sunlight into energy and feed off the nutrients in the soil in their pots. However, unlike plants in your garden where there is an abundance of new nutrients regularly available, houseplants are limited to what they find in the pot in which they are growing. And they don’t take long to deplete that source. They may well survive without additional food but it’s unlikely they’ll thrive. No one who has invested in houseplants to brighten up their home wants to see them under the weather. It’s over to us then to supplement their diet. That’s why we at For Peat’s Sake have created our bespoke plant food, Hungry Plants, to provide your plants with the most suitable nutrients available. 

Hungry Plants? contains the 3 essential macronutrients needed by all plants to grow and stay looking fresh and green – nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Nitrogen encourages growth, phosphorus produces healthy flowers and stronger roots, and potassium helps your plant fight off disease. Because Hungry Plants? is organic and based on concentrated plant extracts, it doesn’t contain any ingredients of animal origin so it’s vegan friendly. Not only does its organic matter improve soil structure and fertility, it contains a host of other beneficial components such as amino acids, primary and secondary nutrients, trace elements, slow-release organic nitrogen, carbohydrates, natural plant hormones and vitamins. In addition, the vegetable raw materials we use (source crops: sugar beet and corn) are certified for ecological growing. We’ve also been careful to keep our plant food free from weed seeds and plant pathogens. Hungry Plants? contains a pure seaweed extract (ascophyllum nodosum) which is a natural plant bio-stimulant, improving plant vigour, abiotic stress resilience and chlorophyll synthesis. Here endeth the science lesson. 

Hungry Plants? couldn’t be easier to use. Simply add 1 teaspoon of plant food per 1 litre of water and use with every other watering throughout the year. Pair with our professional-grade coir compost and you’ll be creating the ultimate soil for your houseplants. For happy plants think Hungry Plants?.